Confusing Joy With Happiness

By Jim Mathis My topic for today - joy - is not something we often talk about in the business and professional world. We commonly speak about happiness and being happy, whether it concerns finalizing a contract, attracting a new client, making a sale, receiving a promotion or a pay raise, or finding a new job we feel certain will be more fulfilling and rewarding. Such events make us happy. But when was the last time you heard someone speak about experiencing joy?

When Work And Family Collide

By John D. Beckett BUSINESS DILEMMA EDITION Maria had been preparing for this day for several months, and her Saturday morning piano recital was nearly here. She found it difficult to think about anything else. Best of all, she was excited because her daddy would be coming! Her anticipation helped her overlook all the times he had missed other such events because of his work, which often involved making business trips out of town.

All Business

By Rick D'Errico There's an image some people get when they hear the word "businessman." For some it's negative. That they put profits ahead of people. They're "all business." It's all they think about, talk about, breathe. Or when a particularly tough deal is made, with not all parties pleased with the end result, there's the worn expression, "business is business." And finally there's the cliché that goes "business as usual," and everyone knows what is meant. Then there's the Christian Business Men's Connection.
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Foundational, Biblical Principles Of Investing

By Austin Pryor & Mark Biller Our clients often come to us seeking advice on what investments to make, when to make those investments, and how to receive the greatest return on the funds they invest. Many proven principles undergird the counsel we give to our clients, but even before we do that, it is imperative for us to recognize what we all are up against - the perils and pitfalls that can prevent us from achieving our financial goals.